Aluminum Free Deodorant Alternatives

Many products that we use today contain harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals.  They are used because they are relatively inexpensive to produce, but work quite well doing what they are intended to do.  On the other hand, using natural alternatives presents an issue for company bottom lines due to the increased costs associated with it.  That being said, there are products and options available that provide both an effective and aluminum free deodorant solution. 

Keeping body odor at bay might seem like a difficult thing to do and thus relying on products like deodorants seem like the easiest solution.  In truth, body odor is not that complicated.  It's caused by odor compounds and acids, either from bacteria or from within the body itself.  If you're able to control the bacteria or the odor compounds, then you've essentially controlled any body odor problems.  Deodorants and the chemicals in them are designed to do just that.  Aluminum for example is an antiperspirant.  It prevents sweat from being released from sweat pores.  Odor compounds from inside the body come through sweat.  In addition, bacteria on the body feed on sweat and release odor. 

Natural alternatives that don't use aluminum as a way to stop body odor include salt minerals, chlorophyll, tea tree oil, coconut oil and aloe vera.  All natural, and all effective at targeting the cause of what makes you stink.  The most unique solution is chlorophyll.  Whereas the others work by targeting bacteria, chlorophyll works by targeting the odor compounds themselves.  Chlorophyll actually has the ability to bind and absorb body odor particles and neutralize them before they are emitted from our pores. 

Studies going as far back as the 1950s have shown it's effectiveness.  Experts agree that between 100-300mg of chlorophyll is needed per day to provide efficient body odor protection.  The best method of obtaining chlorophyll in these amounts is through dietary supplements which are widely available at any pharmacy or health food store.  Chlorophyll is all natural and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.  It's derived from plants and it perfectly safe and healthy to use.   

Chlorophyll: Good For Eliminating Odor

Chlorophyll has been used for many years as a means to fight odor.  First used in hospitals to reduce fecal odor from colostomy patients, it was later tested on body and breath odors with great success.  Chlorophyll works best on odor as its water soluble derivative form known as chlorophyllin.  Chlorophyllin has the ability to bind to odor causing compounds in the body and prevent them from being released from the skin and sweat. 

Another benefit of using chlorophyll is that is doesn't rely on synthetic chemicals or artificial additives to work.  Unlike deodorants that use aluminum, parabens, talc and triclosan, chlorophyll is natural and taken from nature with very minimal processing done from ground to shelf.  Harsh chemicals can lead to potentially harmful side effects and there are several studies to support this idea.  Chlorophyll on the other hand is safe with no major side effects.

Chlorophyll has the added perk of being able to target multiple odor sources.  This includes body odor, bad breath, foot odor and genital odor.  Because it works internally, it is able to reduce all odor compounds that are spread throughout the body. 

Experts recommend that between 100mg and 300mg of chlorophyllin be taken per day to produce the most effective deodorant results.  The easiest way to get this amount is through the use of a chlorophyll supplement which can be easily purchased at any health food store or local pharmacy. 

Why Does Sweating Make You Stink?

This is a common perception, and many people associate body odor with sweat.  While true in a sense, sweat actually does not stink.  In fact, it has no smell at all.  Why is it then that people tend to have a stronger odor when they perspire more?  Bacteria that live on the surface of the skin are to blame. 

Before getting into that, it is first important to note that the human body has two types of sweat glands; apocrine and eccrine.  Eccrine sweat is much more watery, located over a larger area of the body and used primarily for cooling.  Apocrine sweat on the other hand is thicker and fattier.  It contains proteins and lipids and is isolated to specific areas of the body including the underarms, groin, and inner ear.  Apocrine glands are larger and do not secrete sweat directly onto the skin.  It is secreted in hair follicles and then makes it way to the surface.  In addition, eccrine glands are active from birth.  On the other hand, apocrine glands become active around puberty. 

Bacteria like to feed off of the proteins and fat contained in apocrine sweat, and just like any organism does after eating they secrete waste.  This waste comes by way of amino acids that get broken down into odor compounds and gases.  It's these by products that smell, and what we associate with body odor.  Based on this, it is reasonable to conclude that the more you sweat, the more 'food' is available for bacteria to metabolize into smelly compounds. 

How To Go Green With Deodorants

 If you're anything like me, you're mindful of what goes on and into your body; and this includes deodorants.  With so much hoopla about aluminum, parabens and other potentially harmful chemcials, it's not surprising that researchers are finding links between them and serious health effects such as breast cancer.  Seems to me it would be best to avoid products that use these chemicals all together.  However, nobody in their right mind would go without deodorant so what are the alternatives. 

Finding a good, natural deodorant can be difficult.  You never know what actually works and what is just the newest phase that will eventually fade out.  After poking around and doing some research, I realized... why not just make your own deodorant. 

Odd as that may sound, many people are starting to go down this road.  Making your own deodorant actually isn't all that difficult and much of what you need is probably lying around your house.  Initially people might be skeptical because it doesn't use those fancy, scientific sounded ingredients that we've come to assume are the only things that work.  Understanding body odor as well as how conventional deodorants work to stop it is important in understanding how your own homemade deodorant can work just as effectively.

Deodorants accomplish two things.  They control bacterial growth and they stop sweat.  Bacteria is controlled used alochol or triclosan.  Sweat is stopped using aluminum based salts such as aluminum chlorohydrate.  It dissolves in sweat and forms a barrier over the sweat glands which stops it from being released onto the surface of the skin. 

There are many different reciepes and ingredients for creating your own homemade deodorant.  Typcially a combination of baking soda, cornstarch, shea butter, lemon juice and natural oils (for scent) is highly effective.

Body Mint Creates New Product For Women

 I'm a big fan of Body Mint and they've just released a new product for women called Body Mint Lady.  For those not familiar with their product, it's a chlorophyllin pill that works to reduce body odor and breath odor.  I personally use it because it's natural, it works on multiple odors and I generally tend to get skin irritations if I use roll on deodorants. 

Another reason is for the health asspect.  As I get older I find myself being more aware of what I'm putting on or into my body.  We read so many stories and while it's hard to seperate fact from fiction (especially on the Internet), it's still better to walk on the side of caution.  The thought of what these chemicals are doing to my body is scary.  So the fact that Body Mint is all natural suits my needs just fine.

Their Lady version now apparently works on feminine odor as well.  It also contains vitamin D and calcium, and as women know, those things are really great for the skin.  Also, unlike it's predesessor it's a coated tablet which makes it much easier to swallow.  Feminine hygiene products in general tend to be quite messy and a hasle.  The thought of a pill makes it all so much easier.  I've yet to try it so I can't comment, but if it works as well as their other products, I think this is definitely worth looking into.

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